4 Reasons Salt Lamps Improve Indoor Air Quality

September 24, 2019

Most people don’t give much thought to their indoor air quality. However, air can influence the health of residents while spending time inside each day. Salt lamps are increasing in popularity for their ability to cleanse the air and make it easier to breathe with a natural product that boasts many health benefits. Here are a few of the top reasons salt lamps improve air quality and how they work.

1. Generate Negative Ions

Salt lamps are proven to generate beneficial negative ions due to the moisture that evaporates from the salt lamp when it’s heated. When turned on frequently, they can make a significant impact on the air quality in the building over time. After a few days, there are significantly more ions present in the building.

2. Reduce Allergies

Salt lamps can be effective in reducing symptoms that are associated with allergies, which include sneezing, wheezing and sinus pressure. These lamps can allow you to breathe easier and will reduce the effects of allergens and dust that is present in the home. By attracting pollutants, they can also reduce the risk of respiratory issues.

3. Reduce Radiation

Salt lamps are also proven to reduce the radiation that is emitted from different tech tools and electronics in the building. From televisions to computers, a significant amount of electronic radiation is emitted each day, which can increase cortisol levels in the body and increase stress levels. With salt lamps, the radiation is reduced in the setting.

4. Remove Impurities

Studies show that salt lamps can remove impurities that are present in the air in buildings, which can limit the exposure of contaminants that have adverse side effects. They can remove smoke, odors, and mold that is present. They also circulate to ensure that the building is safer for residents to inhabit.

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