Are UV Air Purifiers Worth It?

April 10, 2020

The air quality inside your home is going to have a huge impact on your family members’ comfort as well as their respiratory health. While keeping your house clean is a great start, airborne contaminants can still make their way into the ducts, and that is one of the reasons why many homeowners are investing in UV air purifiers. These devices are very easy to install, and they could have a huge impact on the air quality inside your home.

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Many people are surprised to hear just how much of an impact indoor air quality has on their life. Even if your house seems to be relatively clean, the air could potentially be filled with countless contaminants and germs. Most of those particles are completely harmless, but some might eventually have an impact on your family’s comfort. When the air is teeming with unwanted contaminants, you could begin to notice any number of respiratory problems as time goes on. This includes issues such as a sore throat when you wake up each morning or a cough that won’t seem to go away.

Your home’s air quality is going to be especially important if anyone in your family already struggles with respiratory problems. If you have a family member who has asthma or COPD, then you must make sure that the air inside your home is as clean as possible. Breathing in germs and allergens is going to inflame the lungs and potentially make those health complications much worse. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to think about having some type of whole-house air purifying unit attached to your HVAC system.

The Science Behind UV Air Purifiers

Over the last few decades, UV air purifiers have become extremely popular, and these devices can now be found in countless homes, businesses, and medical centers. The primary purpose of a UV light air purifier is to kill airborne pathogens and microorganisms, and that includes mold and viruses. Many years ago, researchers discovered that ultraviolet lights tend to kill off most smaller organisms very quickly and efficiently. When the UV purifier is attached to your HVAC system, almost all of the air that’s going through your vents will be sanitized.

After the air passes through the UV purifier, those living microorganisms are going to turn into inert particles. Some of the particles will escape through entryways and openings, while others are going to be trapped in your HVAC system’s air filter. While it might be tempting to get a standalone UV air purifier, those units usually won’t be as effective as a whole-house system. Your whole-house UV air purifier is going to sterilize an extremely large volume of air whenever you use your heater or air conditioner.

How Effective Are UV Air Purifiers?

The effectiveness of your new UV light air purifier is going to depend on many different variables. That being said, these systems tend to be incredibly effective, and they can kill up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria. One of the biggest factors to consider is how strong the ultraviolet light is. Most modern UV air purifiers have lights that have been designed to last for thousands and thousands of hours, but there will come a point when each bulb begins to fade, and that will reduce the number of germs that the unit kills.

How well your home is sealed is another important factor that needs to be considered. If you live in an older house that hasn’t been properly sealed, then your UV purifier might not kill off as many pathogens as you’d like. Those lights are only going to purify the air that’s going through the HVAC system, and microorganisms that come through drafty doors and windows won’t be decontaminated. You’ll also need to make sure that your ducts are properly sealed once your purifier has been installed.

What About Electronic Purifiers?

Another popular option that we offer our clients is an electronic air purifier. Both the electronic and UV devices are designed to purify the air that’s going through the HVAC system, but the electronic device uses much different technology. When air passes through an electronic purifier, some of the contaminants are going to be given an electric charge. The charged particles are then pulled into the filter like a magnet, and those types of filters can remove up to 98% of all contaminants that are moving through your heating and cooling system.

These two types of purifiers have their own pros and cons, and our team can tell you more about them. While electronic purifiers can be highly effective, they won’t be a great option in every home. We often suggest UV air purifiers if you want a simple and effective way to improve your air quality without making huge changes to your household. As an added bonus, UV air purifiers are incredibly easy to maintain, so you probably won’t have to do anything more than change the UV bulbs once a year.

Other Factors to Consider

Installing a whole-house UV air purifier is going to have a huge impact on your home’s air quality, but there are some other factors that you might want to think about. Your indoor air quality is impacted by countless variables, and you need to come up with a comprehensive plan if you’re struggling with airborne contaminants. If your house is more than a few decades old, then you should consider having it tested for asbestos and other toxins that might be in the building materials.

Another step that you can take to improve your air quality is to install a whole-house humidifier. When the relative humidity inside your residence is too high, it will greatly increase your risk of a mold outbreak. Low humidity levels can be problematic as well, and you might begin to develop respiratory problems if there isn’t enough moisture in the air.

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

In addition to taking a look at modern air purifiers, you should consider having your ducts professionally cleaned. Your ducts can collect quite a bit of dust and grime, and many of those particles will eventually make their way into your home. That is why we offer comprehensive duct cleaning services to all clients who want to enjoy the many benefits of purified air. As an added bonus, duct cleaning could also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and that’s going to save you money in the long run.

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