Is It Bad to Run My Heating System 24/7?

January 20, 2020

After winter arrives, the only thing you want is a warm and toasty home. However, you may wonder if running your home heating system day and night is going to be bad in the long run. After all, you don’t want to run up an unnecessary heating bill or be forced to make frequent repairs.

A Warm Home Is a Comfortable Home

It isn’t bad to run your heating system 24/7 if outdoor temperatures demand it. In fact, this may be necessary if you have people with health problems in your household. However, a heating system that isn’t serviced periodically is more likely to malfunction when used continuously. Worse yet, your heating system will usually run up higher energy bills.

Proper Maintenance Keeps Heating Systems at Peak Efficiency

Start by having your heating system professionally reviewed and tested by a certified HVAC technician. By having your heating system tested beforehand, a technician can spot potential problems before they take hold and repair them accordingly. Sometimes all it takes is a thorough cleaning of the vents, a new heating coil or minor repairs to make things right.

Install Individual Thermostats to Better Distribute Heat

A more efficient way to run your heater is to have individual thermostats installed in different areas of your home. This gives you the ability to adjust the settings depending upon the location of a room and how it retains heat. Why heat the entire house if only the bedrooms need a higher setting overnight?

Emerald City Residents Know Where to Turn for Reliable Service

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