Three Simple Hacks to Heat Your Home for Less

April 20, 2019
Updated: February 16, 2024

With energy costs on the rise, savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to heat up their homes without breaking the bank. Use these three simple tips to protect your home from the cold, all while keeping more money in your pocket.

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1. Reflect Heat With Foil

Aluminum foil isn’t just for the kitchen anymore. It can be used to help reflect heat back toward the house and prevent a decent amount of heat loss. If your house uses radiators, place foil behind them to keep the heat from disappearing through the wall. You can also use the foil behind space heaters and heating vents as a way to reflect the heat back toward the house. A specialized thermal foil is available at most hardware stores, although you can also use high-quality kitchen foil.

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2. Put Down Rugs

Not only will carpets and rugs keep your feet warm, but they’ll also actually help you keep more of the heat you’re paying for in your house. Wooden floors may look beautiful, but tiny cracks in the floorboards and a lack of proper insulation can mean that up to 30% of your home’s heat is leaking out through your flooring each winter. Putting down an area rug, even if it’s just seasonally, can help mitigate this problem.

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3. Let in the Sunlight

When the sun is out, make sure to open up your curtains and let in as much free heat as possible! You can add a significant amount of heat to your house by taking advantage of the sun’s rays flowing in through your windows. Just make sure to shut those curtains tight once the sun starts to set to keep your home’s heat from escaping into the night.

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Bonus: Tune-Up Your Heater

Getting a professional heating company such as Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning in Seattle to perform regular maintenance on your home’s heating system can improve your equipment’s energy efficiency and extend its life span, helping you heat your home for less.

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