Top Reasons to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

September 1, 2018

With winter on the way, now is a good time to set up maintenance for your furnace. Having routine maintenance done before you start cranking up the heat helps ensure that your furnace stays in excellent condition all winter long.

Reduce the Risk of Repairs

When you don’t have your furnace checked and tuned up before winter, you could end up going without heat right when you need it the most. Maintenance helps ensure that your furnace is in good working condition, so that it will be less likely to break down on you when it’s freezing outside. Having your furnace maintained means that minor problems with it will be found and fixed, which helps prevent expensive and inconvenient repairs.

Extend Your Furnace’s Life

Furnaces experience wear and tear over the years, which results in needing a replacement at some point. You can put this off and help your furnace last longer with HVAC maintenance. When you have this service done, furnace technicians perform several tasks that keep your heating system operating properly, such as lubricating its moving parts and cleaning different components. This helps reduce wear and tear on your furnace over time.

Lower Your Heating Bills

When it gets cold out, you can count on your heating bills going up as you rely more on your furnace for warmth. Having maintenance done before winter can help reduce your heating bills throughout the season. Routine furnace maintenance ensures that your heating system is ready for colder weather and that it will be able to run as efficiently as possible. Improving its energy efficiency results in reduced energy usage overall and lower heating bills.

Decrease the Risk of Safety Issues

Gas furnaces can develop problems that increase the risk of serious safety issues in your home or business, such as carbon monoxide leaks. Scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace helps ensure that it is functioning properly and does not have damage that could lead to safety hazards.

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