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    If you want to improve your home’s HVAC efficiency and its overall comfort, it starts with ventilation in Seattle, WA. Ventilation ensures that the air inside your home stays fresh and comfortable, even while your HVAC system works to keep it at the right temperature. Yet ventilation isn’t as simple as just opening the windows to let in fresh air from time to time. It requires knowledge of airflow, moisture, heat, and cooling, and thus requires the help of a skilled HVAC technician. Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning offers ventilation services in Seattle that will help you as you strive to protect your home’s comfort and indoor air quality.

    Ventilation is Vital to Home Indoor Air Quality

    Today’s homes are designed to have tight building envelopes. This is essential to keep your heated or cooled air inside the space. However, lack of leaks actually hurts the quality of your indoor air, because you don’t have much ventilation. Your air reciruclates day after day, and it can recirculate the allergens it carries at the same time. In some areas of the home, like the attic, heat gets trapped inside without ventilation. In other areas, like the basement or crawlspace, moisture becomes a problem. Ventilation through attic fans, crawlspace fans, and other ventilation tools helps protect your health and comfort.

    Common places in your Seattle home where ventilation is important:
    • Attic
    • Basement or crawlspace
    • Roof
    • Bathroom or kitchen

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    Ventilation in Seattle Requires Expert Knowledge

    Getting ventilation right in your Seattle home doesn’t happen by accident. You need to work with an expert who understands heating and cooling systems and the way ventilation works with them. A licensed HVAC tech from Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning can do the job. We’re a locally owned company that takes tremendous pride in the quality of our people. All of our NATE-certified heating technicians and cooling technicians are factory-trained, and we focus on giving you energy-efficient, high-quality equipment for your ventilation needs. Everything we do is guaranteed, so you can be confident we’ll get your home properly ventilated. We’ll even bring a licensed electrician with us to ensure the job’s done safely and up to code.

    Schedule Ventilation Assessment or Service Today

    If you are concerned about the ventilation in your Seattle home, call Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning now. Let us assess your current ventilation needs and create a plan to make it better.