What Does Servicing a Heating System Entail?

February 20, 2020

Your heating system keeps you and your family warm throughout the winter and other cold months. It’s important before this time of the year begins in earnest that you have your system serviced by an HVAC technician. Here are the things that happen during your annual heating system tune-up.

Questions Asked by Technicians

The technician will ask questions so they have an idea of the situation. Questions may center around whether your home has hot or cold spots and how satisfied you are with your current thermostat. They’ll ask about your energy bills and whether they were higher last season than usual.

The technician will also want to address indoor air quality. They may ask about pets and whether anyone in the home has allergies. They may ask if anyone has frequent congestion or suffers from regular headaches. Pollutants and allergens in the air can contribute to these conditions.

Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning provides annual heating system maintenance services. With offices in Seattle and Lynnwood, we help people throughout Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and the surrounding area.

Services Provided During an Annual Tune-Up

HVAC companies can vary in what services they perform during an annual tune-up. You can expect them to inspect the vent to make sure there isn’t a leak or blockage. They will examine your gas furnace’s heat exchanger for signs of corrosion or cracks. They’ll clean the blower and make sure the blower access door is tightly sealed.

Our technician will check the burner on your furnace to verify that it ignites. Our technician will also check that the flame sensor is working correctly. They’ll inspect moving parts and lubricate them. They will also inspect wires for signs of rust or corrosion and make sure electrical connections are tight.

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