When to Schedule AC Maintenance

June 1, 2019

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you comfortable and cool. If you want your AC unit to protect you from the coming warmer months, it’s important to schedule AC maintenance. Many homeowners don’t think about calling an AC contractor until there’s a major issue. However, an annual AC tune-up can save you money in the long term. It will also give you peace of mind going into the Seattle summer.

Catch Problems Early

Scheduling your AC maintenance before the system starts to receive major use is a wise idea. The extreme weather changes in the winter can have a negative impact on your AC unit. This is something many homeowners are surprised by. You may have serious problems with your AC unit waiting to reveal themselves once it starts to receive heavy use. Before the weather starts to warm up, having a qualified technician inspect your unit ensures it’s ready for the summer ahead.


Scheduling your AC maintenance in the spring or even just before is a lot more convenient for homeowners. When the summer peaks, AC contractors are a lot busier dealing with units that have broken down. Calling for AC maintenance in the early spring ensures that you will have an easier time making an appointment. If you wait until the summer, you may find you have a serious problem and are stuck in a heat wave with no AC. With other homeowners in the same situation, you may be stuck waiting for a technician. Save yourself the headache and call a specialist for preventative maintenance service.

Save Money

AC maintenance can save homeowners considerable money in the long term. Firstly, regular maintenance prevents costly repairs down the road. A qualified technician can catch minor problems before they become major ones. Also, a tune-up ensures your unit is running more efficiently. Increased energy efficiency means lower energy bills. Investing in regular AC maintenance is good for your wallet in the long term.

Call an Experienced AC Contractor

When you need a contractor you can trust for AC maintenance, be sure to call Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning first. We offer high-quality heating and AC service and installation throughout Seattle and Lynnwood. Our factory-trained technicians can inspect your AC unit to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. Call us today to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance!

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