Why a Clean Air Filter is Important

August 5, 2019

You have probably heard the rule of thumb about swapping out heating or cooling air filter at least once every three months. Like most of us, you have probably forgotten to do that on occasion. With this in mind, let us consider why fresh air filters are so important.

Increased Energy Costs

Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the Greater Seattle area for more than three decades. We know that air filter replacement is among the most basic yet crucial parts of AC system maintenance. Your unit was selected and configured based on your particular home. When a clogged filter restricts airflow, the pressure within the system increases. This causes the equipment to work harder, which in turn causes your electric bill to increase.

Increased Wear and Tear on the Fan Motor

What do we mean when we say that your system will be working harder? The blower fan motor will encounter additional resistance. This additional resistance will create more wear and tear than would usually be expected. The motor will have to be serviced more frequently, and it will have a lower life expectancy.

Uneven Airflow

Optimal pressure within a system is important because this will ensure enough conditioned air to cool or warm the entire home. When the pressure is too low, you will experience hot or cold spots throughout the home, and you may be inclined to turn the thermostat down or up.

Mold, Bacteria and Dust

A clogged air filter can collect moisture, which can then set up the perfect breeding ground for mold. Additionally, since airflow is slowed, dust and other particulates are more likely to settle in the ducts. Your ducts will become dirty faster, and that accumulated debris will emit pollutants into the conditioned air, which means that your indoor air quality will suffer.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Modern HVAC air filters are relatively inexpensive, and Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning can even change them for you as part of a maintenance plan. Our team also installs and repairs heating and cooling equipment, electrical components and water heaters. If you’re located anywhere in Lynnwood, Seattle, Tacoma or the surrounding areas, you can rely on us. Call today to discover more about these services and to schedule your initial appointment.

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