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    Brennan Water Heaters

    Waking up to no hot water in your Edmonds, WA home pretty much guarantees you are not going to have the best day. But if you promptly book a new hot water heater installation with the right company it can turn around. Furthermore, water heaters don’t die overnight. So if you wake up to a lack of hot water you’ve probably noticed other issues leading up to this. This can include low water pressure or inconsistent heating. While these can be a drag, it can make the hot water heater replacement feel a little better because you will know once the job is complete proper hot water will be returned to your Edmonds home again.

    Reasons You Need a Hot Water Heater Installation

    Hot Water HeatersNot sure whether or not you need a new hot water heater installation in your Edmonds home? As mentioned there are usually a few signs that are unavoidable. If you notice any of these signs then it is best to opt for a hot water heater replacement to save yourself from a headache down the road. Small things like a new ignitor or leaking inlet valves do have reasonable solutions, but there are some things that cannot be repaired such as rust and leaks. The trouble with rust is that if it is showing on the outside of your tank there is a good chance that it is rusting on the inside of your tank as well. Eventually this will infiltrate your water and potentially cause health issues for your family.

    You may need to consider a new hot water heater installation if:
    • Water heater is over 10 years old
    • Rusty water is coming out of your tap
    • Hot water is running out quickly
    • You see a leak or puddles near the unit
    • Very odd and loud noises

    Water Heater Installation

    Hot Water Heater Replacement Experts You Can Trust

    If the time has come for hot water heater replacement in Edmonds, Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. For the past 30 years we have helped our neighbors with their plumbing issues and also worked with nearby charities to help feed those in need. Our commitment to the community is proven by our A+ rating from the BBB and our track record of winning the Angi Super Service Award for 13 consecutive years.

    Are you ready to address hot water heater replacement in Edmonds? Contact us today to schedule your visit.