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    Brennan Water Heaters

    Seattle’s Water Heater Installation Experts

    Do you know when your water heater system requires a replacement rather than a repair service? Usually, a regularly maintained water heater should last you anywhere between 8 and 10 years. Plenty of other factors can change how long you have a functioning water heater, but to keep the system you have had reliable for more than 8 years, regular check-ins are needed.

    It may be time for a hot water heater replacement if your system is increasing in age (8 years or older), or if your water pump is showing symptoms of failure. These signs can include rust (on the tank or in the water), strange noises, leaks, or failure to heat. You can get a good idea of your water heater’s age by checking out its serial number and researching it. The most obvious sign is rusty water, a rusty valve, or rusty pipes.

    If you start to hear rumbling noises coming from your hot water heater and the system is also increasing in age. It could be due to sediment build-up. This can result in inefficiency, and accelerated damage. Eventually, without addressing these issues, your hot water heater will start to leak.

    When your current water heater fails to deliver, Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to respond quickly – often the same or very next day. We can even arrange for evening installations. And we will replace your gas or electric water heater with one designed to handle the hot water demands of your family or business. Our team at Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is prepared for whatever you have to hand to us. We’ll assess the situation, go over your options, and discuss your budget. We want you to be happy with your decision to order a replacement water heater with us.

    When you need to replace your old water heater, you want an efficient model that keeps energy costs down and hot water supplies plentiful, especially during peak-use times. We offer several efficient and dependable water heaters, plus fast, professional installation, for years of trouble-free performance from your new water heater. Our pricing is very competitive and there are no hidden fees.

    Top-Quality Water Heaters Installed Quickly

    We’re ready to get your household back up and running with the hot water you need and carry three of the best lines of top-quality water heaters – Rinnai, Bradford White, and AO Smith. These water heaters feature the latest technology to give you energy-saving, safe and reliable operation. Our expert water heater technicians will work with you to ensure that you choose the water heater that is best for your household. We even offer tankless water heaters.

    Hot Water Heaters

    Gas Water Heater Advantages

    Gas water heaters are the most common type of water heaters. Gas gets the water tank up to temperature about twice as fast as electric water heaters and costs less than half what it takes for an electric unit.

    More than half of all water heaters are gas fueled. We recommend gas-fueled heaters because gas is cheaper than electricity and heats water tanks more quickly. If natural gas is not available or if it is not possible to connect a flue out the roof, however, then you may want to consider an electric water heater.

    Our licensed, insured installers will be on time, courteous and efficient. They will:
      Water Heater Installation

    • Deliver your new water heater
    • Inspect your existing water heater and provide a written quote detailing any additional work needed to bring your new water heat up to code
    • Drain, remove and recycle your old water heater
    • Connect your new water heater to existing gas or electric and water lines
    • Fill and test your new water heater to make sure it’s working properly
    • Provide guidelines for the proper use of your new water heater
    • Clear and haul away related debris
    • Extend Your Warranty

    Our water heaters come with a full one-year, in-home warranty, plus a limited warranty on tank and functional parts.

    Water Heater Warranty

    We also offer several extended warranty options for additional peace of mind:
    • 6/6: 6-year warranty on tank leakage and a 6-year warranty on parts
    • 10/6: 10-year warranty on tank leakage and a 6-year warranty on parts

    Also, ask about our high-efficiency rebate-able water tanks from Puget Sound Energy.

    Expert Water Heater Professionals serving cities of Snohomish County, King County, and parts of Pierce County

    We stand by all of the work provided by our expert technicians. Your water heater will be installed or repaired by an authorized, licensed professional. Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is a seven-time platinum award winner in Puget Sound Energy’s Contractor Referral Program. And as a full-service heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor, we can help with a variety of your other heating and air conditioning needs.

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