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    Whether you need a repair, an installation, or maintenance service for whole house fans in Seattle, WA, you’ve come to the right place. The expert technicians at Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to fulfill all your ventilation and comfort needs at competitive prices, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We’re excited to help you benefit from all the perks that come with this technology in your home.

    High-Quality Whole House Fan Service in Seattle

    Whole house fans keep homes cool and comfortable by bringing in fresh air from the environment while pushing hot air outside. These are ideal solutions for homes in the Puget Sound area because the moderate, cool climate rarely necessitates a full air conditioning system. These fans are usually installed on the top floor or attic of a building and distribute cool air downwards to all the lower levels and rooms. At the same time, warmer and more stale air exhausts through vents. Fans should be used during the evening and turned off in the middle of the day for maximum effectiveness.

    Installing a whole house fan is a great option for Seattle homes that don’t have air conditioning but get a little too warm in the summer. In conjunction with open windows, they can keep homes that have a greenhouse effect very cool during the summer.

    There are also many other benefits to installing whole house fans in the Seattle area, such as:
    • Highly efficient cooling power
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Quiet operation
    • Cheaper installation and operation than traditional cooling
    • Effective, whole-house ventilation

    worker installing a whole house fan

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Whether you want to install a new whole house fan or fix a problem with an existing unit, you can count on us to be honest and professional. We offer consultations to discuss your options and can provide expert advice that can change your family’s comfort for years to come. Our company is determined to exceed the expectations of homeowners throughout the Seattle area, and we only hire the best heating technicians and cooling technicians in the region. We have more than 30 years of experience satisfying the heating and cooling needs of families and have won numerous industry awards for our exceptional service.

    Set up an appointment for a repair or schedule a consultation for your installation by calling us at Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our representatives will sincerely address all your questions and inquiries.