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    Weather in our area can be unpredictable, and controlling your home’s indoor air quality requires humidifiers in Seattle, WA. A whole house humidifier can help you keep your home’s humidity levels constant, all while connecting to your home’s HVAC system to put the process on autopilot. Like all HVAC components, these will need to be serviced occasionally, and you’ll want a skilled HVAC tech to help with the process. From installation to repair and maintenance, a qualified heating and cooling specialist will help you with your humidifier needs.

    Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier in Seattle

    Why should you consider humidifiers as part of your home’s indoor air quality plan? Dry air, which is common in the winter in Seattle when the heating system runs, can hurt your family’s health. It can irritate their airways, dry out the wood and paint in your home, and even make your skin feel dry. When the air is dry, you have to run your heat at a higher temperature to keep your home comfortable. A whole house humidifier helps with all of these concerns. These units connect to your HVAC, so they add humidity to the air every time the system runs.

    Benefits of humidifiers in Seattle:
    • Fewer allergy symptoms
    • Less dry skin
    • Protects wood items
    • Loosens congestion
    • Improved indoor air quality


    Services for Humidifiers in Seattle

    If you have a humidifier or are considering having one installed, Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning has the humidifier services you need. We offer the installation of whole house humidifiers in Seattle, so you can start benefiting from these systems right away. We also service and maintain them as part of our overall HVAC service. If you have a broken humidifier, our technicians can quickly find and fix the problem. We’ve been serving the greater Seattle area since 1987, and we have a long history of success backed by satisfied customers. Our heating technicians and cooling technicians are factory-trained and keep a high level of professionalism in everything we do. We’ll treat your home with respect so you can hire us confidently. We carry an A+ rating from the BBB that shows the high quality of the work we perform.

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    Keep your home more comfortable with a working whole house humidifier. Call us to schedule service in Seattle today.

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