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    air filtersRainy days and chilly winter weather can have you feeling the need for a fresh furnace filter in Seattle, WA, to keep the air in your home as fresh and clean as it would be if you had the windows wide open. Fresh filters in your furnace help the air that cycles through your home stay free of small, potentially harmful particles and ensures that the temperature in your home is regulated the way it should be. If you need furnace filters for your Seattle home, trust Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning to help.

    Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Filters

    Indoor air quality is an important part of your health and your quality of life. If your home is circulating unclean air, you run the risk of exposure to contaminants and pollutants entering your lungs any time you’re inside your house. Thankfully, this risk is easy to mitigate by regularly changing your furnace filter. At Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning, our team can help you select the right type of filters for your furnace regardless of its make or model.

    There are plenty of reasons to ensure you have a clean furnace filter installed in your furnace at all times. While keeping your air clean is certainly one of the most important reasons, here are several more:
    • A clean filter can extend the life of your furnace
    • Clean filters make it easier for your furnace to function and thus keep energy costs low
    • Replacing your filter prevents dangerous clogs
    • Fresh furnace filters improve temperature regulation

    Reach out to Seattle’s Best Furnace Filter and HVAC Team

    Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing furnace filters, along with an array of heating and air conditioning services, for more than 30 years. Since 1987, we’ve served tens of thousands of happy customers in the Seattle area and throughout Western Washington. We provide installation, repairs, and maintenance for all makes and models of heating and cooling systems.

    Our team of heating technicians and cooling technicians is licensed, bonded and insured. We’re always up to date on the latest local codes and take any measure necessary to ensure your home is compliant and safe. Our commitment to service and quality is unparalleled and you can always rest assured you’ll receive an honest and accurate estimate before work commences on any job we do.

    Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is a member of North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Contact Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning today for for furnace filters and HVAC services in Seattle.