3 Energy Efficiency Tips

October 11, 2018

Your utility bills would be quite different without the need to heat and cool your home. It may seem like something you just need to accept, because being comfortable is important for many reasons. There are some simple ways to make a big difference in your utility bill.

Change Your Filter

Depending on your actual HVAC unit, you should probably be changing your filter at least every month to six months. The filter keeps foreign matter from going straight into the unit itself, where it can cause wear and tear to the parts. Dust and other kinds of debris accumulate in the filter, which keeps air from flowing freely and causes the unit to work harder. This will result in a higher utility bill, and it will cause your HVAC unit to wear out faster.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

It may even be part of your warranty that you are required to have routine maintenance performed on your HVAC unit at least once a year during the life of the warranty. While this is a practice that does save money on costly repairs and extend the life of the unit, there are additional benefits in energy savings. As part of the maintenance, all the parts of the unit will be cleaned and inspected, including the cooling coils. These can work more efficiently when clean, so less energy will be needed. Replacing failing parts increases the efficiency of the unit too.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

You may have been wondering if a programmable thermostat could benefit you. If you and your family spend a lot of time outside of the house, a programmable thermostat could save you hundreds of dollars every year. If you really want to save money on your energy bills, it doesn’t make sense to use more energy when no one benefits from it anyway.

We Can Help You Become More Efficient

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