Benefits of Product Warranties

August 30, 2019

When you hire an HVAC company to install a new system, a warranty is customary. Both five-year and 10-year warranties are common. You may even have the option to extend protection up to 12 years or longer. However, beyond the number of years of protection, warranties can and often do vary greatly between manufacturers and even models of the same make.

Confidence in Brand and Model

At Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning in Seattle, we install and service all makes and models. However, we are proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and a big reason for that is the manufacturer’s warranties. When you purchase a Carrier air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, you know that you are getting one of the best warranties on the market. Consider that warranties are already factored into sticker prices, and they’re a reflection of a manufacturer’s confidence in a particular product.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

When you purchase an HVAC system, it behooves you to look beyond the initial expense to the total cost of ownership over 10 years or so. Factors that influence this long-term cost include not only the initial price but also energy consumption, maintenance requirements and so on. A warranty protects you from unexpected equipment failures and can cover parts, labor, and even replacement.

Home Resale Value

Do you plan to sell your home in the next five years or so? If you do, an investment in new HVAC equipment can make your home easier to market. Heating and cooling warranties are often wholly or partially transferrable, which means that you can transfer the warranty to the new owner. This intrinsic value can increase resale value and make a home sell faster.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is strongly committed to brands that protect consumer interests through industry-leading warranties. Our services extend to heating, cooling, electrical, water heaters, energy consultations and more. Call us today to learn more about our business and schedule your first appointment.

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