Early Fall Issues Your Heating System Might Encounter

October 1, 2019

Many people welcome the days of autumn, but the transition to cool weather is rarely smooth. Temperatures can continue to fluctuate between hot and cold. Problems might flare-up with your air conditioner because you’ve been using it for months. The first few times you turn on your heating system could also reveal issues that developed while the system sat unused through the warm season. Maintenance will clear up common problems and get your home ready for winter.

Leaves and Twigs Clogging the Outside Heating Unit

Fall means falling leaves. These could get stuck in the outside condenser of your heating system. Along with dust and other debris, leaves and twigs inside the unit will make noises and impede function.

Dirty Filters

Dust, pollen, and pet fur can build up quickly in vents and clog filters. Opening your windows on a mild fall day to let in fresh air brings more dust into your home. Unless you change the filter, the heat will struggle to move air.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A cool fall night might prompt you to turn on the heat, but your thermostat’s batteries may have died over the summer. If your system does not achieve the temperature that you set the thermostat for, then you need to figure out why. Efficient energy use and your indoor comfort rely on an accurate and functional thermostat. The NATE-certified technicians at Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning can quickly diagnose thermostat problems.

Sensor Failure

Abrupt changes in temperature place stress on the sensors within an HVAC system. Sometimes these critical components fail, and they are especially vulnerable during fall. If your sensor doesn’t work, then you won’t know where to set your temperature level.

Get a Seasonal Tune-Up

You can get ahead of common fall HVAC problems with a call to Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning. We service all types of air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. We can also repair water heaters, perform electrical repairs, and solve indoor air quality problems for residents in Seattle and Lynnwood. Call us today.

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