Furnace Tips for the Holidays

December 5, 2019

This holiday season, Washington expects to get quite chilly. Having a reliable and functional HVAC system installed in your home is your first line of defense in keeping your interior habitable. The furnace is arguably the most essential component of your HVAC equipment. Taking the utmost care of your furnace by heeding the following tips will ensure that your equipment functions just right.

Inspecting the Furnace

Preventive maintenance-based inspections are crucial for your furnace. By conducting a visual inspection, you can be sure that your heating elements are structurally intact. The inspection also allows you to find other potential areas that may need repairs.

Replacing the Furnace Filter

Your furnace filters are made to trap dust. This will eventually get full of filthy particles. It should be part of your standard practice to always consider replacing the furnace filter, preferably once every month or two. Clogged furnace filters will always tend to have your furnace run more to deliver the desired in-house temperatures.

Sealing Your Windows

As your furnace delivers the warm air required to keep your house habitable in the holiday season, any leaks or openings will be detrimental. Vents, such as cracks and gaps in your door and window, will most likely leak out the warm air that you desperately need. Ensuring that the windows and doors close flush prevents such venting and ensures that your furnace is effective in warming your house.

Using a Humidifier

The warm winter air delivered by the furnace is often devoid of much-needed moisture. Breathing in such cold and dry air will make you more vulnerable to the flu. The easiest solution hereby is to use an in-house humidifier. This improves the air quality for enhanced breathing and reduction of dust particles.

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