Tips for Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

May 22, 2019

Perhaps you’re new to Seattle or just require a fresh start with a different heating and cooling company. Choosing the right HVAC contractor for you and your home may not be simple. There are many companies servicing this region, and although their prices are an obvious distinction, the aspects that distinguish them beyond that can be less obvious. Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your needs:

Rely on Neighbors for Recommendations

As a leading heating and cooling company serving Seattle, Tacoma, and the surrounding areas, we receive much of our new business via word of mouth. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that you discuss popular options among your neighbors as well as friends and family who live close enough for their opinions to be relevant to your choice.

Request Licenses, Certifications and Proof of Insurance

Proper licensing is required by the state as well as the local jurisdiction. You can acquire this information via your local Chamber of Commerce. Upstanding HVAC contractors will be happy to show you their licenses. Companies in this industry are proud of their technician certifications, in particular.

Be mindful that insurance is legally required as well. Verifying that insurance is in order will give you peace of mind that should something happen on your property, you would be protected.

Ask for References and Compare Quotes

Ask for references from other area homeowners who have been customers recently. If you are hiring for a particular task, such as installation, seek relevant references. Likewise, if you are hiring for the kind of job for which free estimates are generally available, we recommend comparing written estimates from at least three companies in the area.

Your Local HVAC Solution

At Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning, our top focus is customer comfort and satisfaction. We offer a broad range of heating and cooling services as well as services related to electrical systems, heat pumps and water heaters. We’ll even provide you a home energy consultation at no charge, so call us today to schedule your appointment.

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