What Causes Furnace Repairs?

December 25, 2019

When your furnace stops working, there are some things you can check before calling an HVAC company. These include making sure the thermostat is on, making sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped or ensuring the safety switch on the furnace door hasn’t popped out. If these don’t solve the problem, it’s time to call a professional for a repair.

1. Ignition Problems

Unlike older models, modern gas furnaces don’t have a standing pilot light. This is more efficient than older designs as gas isn’t constantly being burned. Depending on the furnace and its age, either its hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot light needs to be replaced.

2. Burner Issues

Once the furnace is on, the burner heats air that is then blown through your duct system into the rooms of your home. If you have a blower problem, you might not have heat in your home or the heat is being poorly distributed. An HVAC specialist will perform an inspection to see if it is dirty or broken.

3. Blower Problems

If the blower isn’t dispersing warm air through your home, it’s usually because the belt is malfunctioning or broken. If you can hear a high-pitched noise coming from your furnace, this is likely the problem. A heating repair specialist will inspect your gas furnace and diagnose the problem. This can often be solved by lubricating the belt. This problem can be largely avoided by having your system inspected once a year, or ideally twice.

4. The Age of Your System

It might be the case that your furnace has outlived its useful life and needs to be replaced. The choice is often between having it repaired far too often or replacing it with a much more energy-efficient new model.

Who to Contact For Furnace Repairs

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