5 Signs That Your AC Is on the Decline

July 20, 2020

Everybody wants to know they are living in a home that is healthy and safe. One of the ways to make the air in your house healthy is by investing in an air conditioning system. There are many benefits you will enjoy by installing an AC unit. The system will cool your residence and also help to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. However, just like vehicles and other machinery, air conditioning systems age and die. The average lifespan of a cooling system is 10 to 15 years when properly maintained, but even with proper maintenance, AC units are not designed to last forever.

Regardless of how well you maintain your air conditioning system, the unit’s eventual decline is inevitable. If you are not prepared for it, an AC unit breakdown can leave your family in an uncomfortable residence for many days or weeks. Luckily, many tell-tale signs indicate that your cooling system is on the verge of a breakdown. If you can recognize these red flags early enough, you might be able to prevent a complete breakdown and make sure that your residence is never without an air conditioner, especially in the summer season. Know these five signs, and you can monitor the condition of your air conditioner.

1. The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If your outside condensing unit keeps losing power and makes the circuit breaker trip, then that is a sign of compressor failure. Your AC compressor might be drawing a lot of power and overheating, which makes your circuit breaker trip. If you notice that happening, do not just reset the circuit breaker or turn on the AC system every time it occurs. Rather, call an HVAC service to check the air conditioning system because the circuit breaker is just doing its work and preventing a potential fire in your property. Have a professional from Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning check why your cooling system is tripping your circuit breaker so that we can advise you accordingly.

2. The AC Unit Is Not Cooling

If your air conditioner is not cooling your residence regardless of the number of times it has been repaired, then you should consider getting a replacement. There could be various reasons why your AC unit is not working properly. There might be blocked air ducts, a refrigerant leak, or impending failure of major components such as the compressor. The system might also be at the end of its lifespan or the wrong size for the heating and cooling needs of your house. If your unit is not cooling, have it checked by an HVAC expert.

3. System Has Reduced Airflow or Blows Warm Air

If you realize that the airflow produced by your air conditioning system is lower than usual, one of the first things you need to check is the filters. If they are heavily clogged, they will reduce your home’s airflow and even put unnecessary strain on the AC unit. You need to replace your filters every one to three months based on usage. Reduced airflow might also be caused by damaged blowers or other problems that you cannot detect or solve. If you replace your filters and continue experiencing airflow problems, you need to contact an HVAC service to check your system to avoid more costly repairs in the long run.

If the AC condenser appears to be running but your unit is blowing warm air, it might signal an impending compressor failure. A faulty compressor cannot pump refrigerant through your AC unit, which results in a lack of cooling capacity. However, it is vital to note that refrigerant leaks may also cause this issue. If your cooling system been slowly losing its cooling power over time, a refrigerant leak might be the primary cause. As the air conditioner loses its refrigerant charge, it might cause unnecessary strain on its compressor, leading to compressor failure. Please do not ignore this issue. Turn off the AC unit, and then contact us to have it checked as soon as possible.

4. Noisy Operation

Air conditioners are designed to have a quiet operation, so any time you realize new sounds or noises coming from your unit, you should consider them red flags. Shaking, banging, and rattling noises usually indicate that a part has become loose or has broken down and will probably require some replacements. Failing electrical components in the AC unit or a dislodged fan motor that causes rattling noise inside the condenser can also lead to a noisy operation. However, it would be best if you got it fixed as soon as possible before it strains your air conditioner, leading to compressor failure.

Properly functioning and well-maintained air conditioning systems should run efficiently and quietly, and noisy operation is a sign that something is wrong. Consult a cooling expert to check your unit and professionally fix it if you start hearing strange noises.

5. Increasing Utility Bills

Generally, electric bills are often a bit higher during the summer season. However, if the bills go higher in any other season or suddenly increase more than usual during the summer months, it shows that there is perhaps an issue within your air conditioning unit. Your system might be outdated, inefficient, or require replacement parts or some repairs. If your home does not feel cool, one of the natural reactions is to lower your thermostat. That might cause the cooling system to run more in an attempt to keep up with the current demand.

Aging AC units cannot keep up, which can lead to freezing up of the equipment or burning out of the compressor. In the long run, the utility bills will continue increasing as your air conditioner ages. If you compare your usage and electricity bills to those of last year and realize the temperatures were in the same range but your usage is a bit higher, your AC unit is likely beginning to decline. If your bills are increasing unusually, you need to get the appliance checked by a professional to prevent more added costs.

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To keep your air conditioner in good working condition, you need to schedule regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will help you to notice any red flags that indicate your unit is declining or in need of some repairs or replacements. A properly maintained air conditioner will not only keep your home and family safe, but it will also ensure all of your operating costs and energy bills stay low.

If you live in Seattle or Puget Sound and realize that your cooling system has any of the signs mentioned above, do not hesitate to reach out to Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning for professional advice. Our team of professionals can assess your house and recommend the best solutions for your budget and needs.

We can help you to put that old air conditioner out of its misery by installing a new and energy-efficient unit. After installation, we will create a preventive maintenance schedule to keep your system running smoothly and your home comfortable. We also offer other services, including AC repair, AC installations, heat pump installation, water heater maintenance, furnace installation, boiler installations, furnace repair, and water heater installations. Call us today for all of your cooling and heating needs.

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