5 Benefits of UV Lights

September 20, 2018

When you get your heating or cooling system repaired or replaced, the HVAC technician typically asks if you want to install UV lights in your HVAC system. UV lights prevent mold and mildew from building up in the vents and getting into your house. Let take a look at five reasons you should consider saying yes to UV lights.

1. Reduce Mold and Mildew

Fungal contamination via HVAC units is a common issue you can’t ignore. It spreads allergic rhinitis, infectious diseases and asthma-inducing organisms as well as other diseases. Ultraviolet (UV) lights help you develop a robust air purification system in your home or business. They eliminate fungi, germs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses to keep your people safe.

2. Improved Air Quality

UV lights improve air quality by killing irritants that can make you sick or cause sinus passage to inflame. They combat contaminants that originate in the air-handling units, fiberglass insulation and airborne fungi. UV lights get rid of drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals by better than 97 percent. Bring this protection to your home.

3. Disease Prevention

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout every room of the house or building, so if someone is sick, their germs circulate airborne viruses and bacteria to healthy family members or coworkers. UV lighting eliminates organic buildup on cooling coils, drain pipes, and ductwork, so it kills pathogens and microorganisms that would otherwise attack other people.

4. Improved Airflow

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been used in heating and cooling systems since the 1990s. UV lights improve indoor air quality by killing germs and pathogens and help eliminate excessive moisture.

5. Cost-Effective Investment

Add UV lighting to your HVAC system to help it clean itself. That’s one reason UV installations are cost-effective for today’s homeowners. Ask a professional technician to inspect your home to make sure you would benefit from UV lighting. There are many to consider before installing UV lighting in your heating and cooling system. The technology’s effectiveness depends on the power, number and placement of UV lamps installed. The reflectivity of surfaces near the UV light and your home’s humidity and temperature levels also impact the effectivity of UV lamps.

Where To Get Quality AC Equipment and Services

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