6 of the Best Spring HVAC Tips

February 10, 2018

When it’s cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons with a mix of rain and sunshine and unpredictable temperatures – you know it must be spring in Seattle! And we’re here to give you tips on how you can care for both your heating and cooling equipment this spring to help you save energy and money. Schedule a Maintenance We hear this all the time: “I can just do this myself.” We warn against DIY projects. And we much prefer the acronym, DNIY (Do-Not-Do-It-Yourself). Why? As we touched on in

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When Do Air Conditioners Go On Sale?

January 9, 2018

At Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning, the answer is this: right now! Air conditioning in January never sounded so appealing. We know, we know. You’re probably thinking “Air conditioning? It’s a whopping 36 degrees outside!” True. But, the demand for air conditioners is extremely low in the cooler months, making January the best time to buy and install an air conditioner…

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