7 Benefits of Getting a Fall Tune-up for Your Furnace

October 18, 2022
HVAC Maintenance in Seattle, WA

Your furnace is arguably one of the most important appliances in your home during winter. While you might be bundling up your blankets and socks for extra relief due to the freezing temperatures, your furnace should be in tip-top shape to keep your home warm and comfortable. The best way to ensure that your heating system performs effectively is by scheduling tune-up services during fall with an experienced technician. This way, your appliance will be ready for the chilly season.

Without a reliable heating system, your home will be uncomfortable, and you’ll struggle through a sleepless night no matter how hard you try snuggling in your blankets. Therefore, be sure you seek our professional furnace maintenance services before winter so we can get ahead of any potential problem that might be lurking. Here are the advantages of fall furnace tune-up services.

1. Lower Utility Bills

During the chilly months, your heating system can make up to 50% of your home’s energy bill. By scheduling professional furnace tune-up services, your unit runs smoothly without any debris buildup that can prevent the furnace from performing at its best. The more buildup a heating unit has, the harder it has to work to keep your home warm and comfy. As a result, your system will have to work more than it should to keep up with your heat demands.

A well-maintained system is more efficient and helps to save on your monthly energy bills. In fact, having technicians inspect your furnace before the cold season can save up to 20% to 30% off your energy bills. Simple things like cleaning or changing furnace filters will keep your house in the desired temperatures without incurring high utility costs.

2. Increase Your Home’s Safety

Fall furnace tune-up helps to keep you and your loved ones safe. If you are using a malfunctioning heating system, it can produce a high concentration of carbon monoxide. This dangerous gas can cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, or death when inhaled in high quantities. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, so it might be impossible to detect.

Professional maintenance of your furnace helps to catch any potential problems that can compromise the safety of your family and home. As part of our tune-up procedure, we inspect the burner conversion, your unit’s connections, and the system’s heat exchanger. This way, all the components in your furnace will be in good working order, and your loved ones will be in a safe environment.

3. Reduce Risk of Repairs and Breakdown

Every winter, many property owners report furnace-related issues. You can reduce the risks of unexpected repairs or system failure through heating maintenance. You might not know it, but as your unit operates, it can develop minor issues that can lead to significant problems or even breakdowns if left unattended for extended periods. During tune-ups, our technicians can easily spot minor issues and fix them before they become substantial problems. We’ll also ensure that every other element is in peak condition and ready for the upcoming winter season.

Failure to schedule regular furnace maintenance may lead to issues such as:

  • Furnace shutting off regularly
  • A sudden spike in energy bills
  • System blowing cold air
  • Water leaks around the unit

4. Peace of Mind During Winter

Getting a professional to perform the necessary furnace maintenance before winter keeps your system functioning effectively and efficiently. Besides, you don’t want to experience a system failure when it’s freezing in the middle of the night. Also, a malfunctioning heating system is a risk to the health of your loved ones, and it hurts your pocket when you least expect it.

Knowing your furnace’s condition will save you from these hassles before the chilly season rolls in. Call our experienced team for a furnace tune-up so we can assess the condition of your unit and ensure that it’s ready to serve you when you need it most. You’ll have peace of mind knowing there are fewer chances of a sudden system failure or other issues that may leave you without heat.

5. Maintain Good Air Quality

Furnace tune-ups also play a critical part in maintaining good indoor air quality. As conditioned air passes through air filters and ducts, it carries the loose particles in these components, such as dust, hair, pollen, mold, pet dander, and other allergens. This results in contaminated air circulating throughout your entire house, which can trigger symptoms in individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma.

During the fall tune-up of your heating system, our team will clean the clogged air filters and other dirty parts of your appliance to ensure that you have cleaner indoor air quality. Eliminating dust and debris in your heating system helps to prevent illnesses and infections caused by mold, bacteria, and other microbes.

6. Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Scheduling furnace maintenance is also vital in maintaining a manufacturer’s warranty. Many high-quality heating systems come with a warranty that covers necessary repairs. A manufacturer’s warranty can save you significant amounts of money, especially when you have an unexpected system breakdown or repairs on a critical part of your unit. But when you want to cash in on your warranty, you must have proof of annual tune-ups from professionals like our team. If you don’t have the proper records, you may have voided your warranty and won’t get what you hoped for.

7. Longer Furnace Lifespan

Scheduling routine tune-ups for your furnace every fall can extend the lifespan of your system by up to 50% or more. Although the average lifespan of a heating system is about 12 to 20 years, it can only last 10 years if not maintained by a professional. Also, your heating system undergoes tremendous wear and tear while trying to keep your house comfortable, preventing its ability to work effectively. And when this appliance works extra hard to keep up with your household’s heating demands, it negatively affects its lifespan. Our team will not only clean your equipment, but we’ll also test all components and check safety controls. We’ll ensure that you get the most out of your furnace.

Your Trusted Furnace Tune-up Professionals

Getting a furnace tune-up during fall is vital in keeping your heating system running effectively throughout the cold months. With the right professional by your side, we will catch all the minor issues and address them before they become major inconveniences to you and your family. The tune-up team from Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning can handle any heating-related problem with your system. We will assess every part of your furnace and recommend fixes to improve the performance and safety of your equipment. Our team will also clean the furnace blower, check gas pressure, lubricate moving parts, vacuum the burners, check the heat exchanger, inspect the condensate line, and more.

For over 30 years, we have remained committed to offering quality services to all our clients, so you can expect us to deliver 100% satisfaction in every task. Owing to our top-notch services, we have received an A+ rating and are BBB accredited. In addition to heating maintenance, our experienced team provides heating and cooling repair and installation, air duct cleaning, water heater repair, and energy consultation services in Seattle. We even provide a full range of electrical services. Reach out to Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning today to book an appointment.

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