Do I Need an Air Cleaner?

October 4, 2018

In today’s world of environmental pollution, eco-friendly building design, and increased awareness of medical technology and the accompanying health concerns toward leading a long life, many people are aware of the importance of clean air at home and work. It’s only natural to question whether an air purifier may be a boon to a building or whether it isn’t really worth the expense. Like most questions of this nature, there isn’t really a simple answer. It depends on the individual and the amount of time they spend indoors along with who else might visit a particular building and what the

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Choosing the Right HVAC Company

September 27, 2018

When selecting an HVAC company, you’ll want to focus on quality. There are other aspects that matter, such as the price you’re being asked to pay. But if you aren’t getting quality, a low price may not be very beneficial. Low quality can equal low value, and even a great price won’t make you feel better about that. Instead of focusing on the cost, take a look at what you’re getting for that amount to determine the value you’re receiving. You’ll also want to consider what companies in Seattle, Washington typically charge for services such as heating

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5 Benefits of UV Lights

September 20, 2018

When you get your heating or cooling system repaired or replaced, the HVAC technician typically asks if you want to install UV lights in your HVAC system. UV lights prevent mold and mildew from building up in the vents and getting into your house. Let take a look at five reasons you should consider saying yes to UV lights. 1. Reduce Mold and Mildew Fungal contamination via HVAC units is a common issue you can’t ignore. It spreads allergic rhinitis, infectious diseases and asthma-inducing organisms as well as other diseases. Ultraviolet (UV) lights help you develop

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Top 10 Benefits of Air Conditioning

September 6, 2018

Updated: February 16, 2024 We all love living in comfort, don’t we? Well did you know that there are more benefits of air conditioning than just comfort? Air conditioning can also provide us with safety and better quality of life in our own homes. 1. Reduced Possibility of Asthma Attacks Did you know that air conditioning your home can help reduce the possibility of suffering an asthma attack? According to Mayo Clinic, running an A/C not only reduces humidity in your home, but can also lower the amount of pollen,

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Top Reasons to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

September 1, 2018

With winter on the way, now is a good time to set up maintenance for your furnace. Having routine maintenance done before you start cranking up the heat helps ensure that your furnace stays in excellent condition all winter long. Reduce the Risk of Repairs When you don’t have your furnace checked and tuned up before winter, you could end up going without heat right when you need it the most. Maintenance helps ensure that your furnace is in good working condition, so that it will be less likely to break down on you when it’s

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What Does it Mean to be EPA Certified?

August 30, 2018

When it comes to showing customers that a company cares about them and wants to protect their interests, a great way to do that is through being EPA Certified. This means that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has examined the work that the company does and has certified that they are meeting the EPA’s standards for protecting the environment. Taking good care of the environment also means taking good care of people, because they need safe air to breathe and clean water to drink. Becoming EPA Certified is a process that has to be worked through for any company

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How to Sleep Better: 10 Healthy Sleeping Tips

August 16, 2018

What’s the big deal about sleep anyways? Insufficient sleep is described as a “public health epidemic” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a decreased ability to concentrate and remember information; poor performance at work; and even death or injury when people fall asleep at the wheel, operate industrial equipment when drowsy, or perform medical procedures on too little sleep. Read on to learn how to sleep better with our 10 healthy sleeping tips. Top 10 Ways to Sleep Better Tip 1: Listen to Your Body Clock

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Ultimate Guide to a Clean HVAC Unit

March 16, 2018

Bathroom. Kitchen. Garage. Bedroom. Check all those off your list! Those are a given when it comes to your spring cleaning plans. But what about your HVAC unit? Bet you never thought spring cleaning actually began with your HVAC unit that’s been turned off all season. Ever notice you clean a room, and a few days later there’s piles of dust? Already? All signs point to that HVAC unit of yours! Indoor air quality is so important and spring is the best time to clean your unit. Summer is right around the corner, and you will want to rely 100%

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Love Your Furnace: the Importance of Furnace Maintenance

February 14, 2018

There are many reasons why it is so important to maintain your heating and cooling equipment. Though it is entirely up to the homeowner, Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning (as well as most manufacturer’s) recommends you get a home furnace maintenance once a year. That recommendation could actually save a life. Your furnace’s life. So, pamper it a bit this Valentine’s Day and show it some love. Below are just a few of the many reasons why annual furnace maintenance is so important, as well as, some furnace maintenance tips to keep your furnace (and family) healthy

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6 of the Best Spring HVAC Tips

February 10, 2018

When it’s cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons with a mix of rain and sunshine and unpredictable temperatures – you know it must be spring in Seattle! And we’re here to give you tips on how you can care for both your heating and cooling equipment this spring to help you save energy and money. Schedule a Maintenance We hear this all the time: “I can just do this myself.” We warn against DIY projects. And we much prefer the acronym, DNIY (Do-Not-Do-It-Yourself). Why? As we touched on in

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